Back on Heligoland this year!


Why Heligoland this year?

Dear longtime guests of WFO-Helgoland!

We’ll be back on Heligoland in 2024! Here, offshore wind is within reach and everything is within walking distance.

This year is another even year, so we are back on Heligoland. According to our new concept, the WFO (Wirtschaftsforum Offshore Wind) takes place every two years on Heligoland. Always on the last Thu. and Fr. in August. In the year 2024 then the 29.8. and 30.8. In between (in years with odd numbers) we will visit new places in Germany or return to places where we have already made guest appearances. This concept allows us to be very creative and open to the latest developments.

Venues during the day and in the evening.

Hotel room nearby with contingent