Back on Helgoland this year!


Why Helgoland this year?

Dear longtime guests of WFO-Helgoland!

We’ll be back on Helgoland in 2024! Here, offshore wind is within reach and everything is within walking distance.

This year is another even year, so we are back on Helgoland. According to our new concept, the WFO (Wirtschaftsforum Offshore Wind) takes place every two years on Helgoland. Always on the last Thu. and Fr. in August. In the year 2024 then the 29.8. and 30.8. In between (in years with odd numbers) we will visit new places in Germany or return to places where we have already made guest appearances. This concept allows us to be very creative and open to the latest developments.

Venues during the day and in the evening.

By boat

From Hamburg

Examples of a quick connection to the venue:

From Cuxhaven

By airplane

The journey takes place with airplanes of the airline
GmbH (OFD) from the Uetersen-Heist airfield. Address: Airfield /Bültenkoppel 19, 25492 Heist. A cab ride takes about 45 minutes from Hamburg Airport.

Call the service number (+49/04921-8992-0 ) or email You will fly with the proven twin-engine Britten Norman Islander aircraft. If you have any questions, please contact Henryk Ibe-Meinhardt, Head of Conference 0152/0192 1330.

The following flight times are reserved exclusively for our business forum: Via Ostfriesischer-Flugdienst (max 3 aircraft)
The price for a return flight is:

395€ plus. VAT

We prefer payment on site by EC or credit card. If a customer wishes the costs to be invoiced, we must be consulted, as we may have to create a debtor for this.

All guests who pay on site will receive a ticket that can be claimed as an invoice!

For your information: The very reliable, twin-engine Britten Norman Islander aircraft offer space for up to 7 people and 1 piece of luggage of 55 x 40 x 20 cm each.

Uetersen – Helgoland

29.08.2024 from Uetersen: (09:30 am, 09:30 am, 11:15 am)


30.08.2024 from Helgoland: (14:45 16:35, 16:35)

Cuxhaven or Büsum-Helgoland

If you are coming from the south, you can reach Helgoland with the airplanes of the airline Ostfriesischer-Flugdienst GmbH (OFD) from Nordholz/Spieka airfield in approx. 25 minutes. Service number (+49/04921-8992-0 ). Current information on departure times can be found directly on the homepage of the Ostfriesischer-Flugdienst.

The following cancellation conditions apply:

10% of the charter price from reservation

30% of the charter price if less than 7 days before departure

50% of the charter price if less than 48 hours before departure

75% of the charter price if less than 24 hours before departure

100% of the charter price on the day of departure

Hotel room nearby with contingent

Your booking for the accommodation contingent of the Economic Forum Offshore on Helgoland 2024 should be made by e-mail to You can also call us on 04725/814040. Below you will find a small selection of hotels from our accommodation contingent.

Helgoland Classic

Tel: 04725/81 39 – 0

27498 Helgoland – Kurpromenade 36

In the rooms of the travel agency “Helgoländer Botschaft” (Lung Wai 39), you will find our central reception, where our staff will be happy to take care of check-in and check-out for you.

Rickmers Insulaner

Tel: 04725 / 81 41-0

27498 Helgoland – Am Südstrand 2

The Hotel Rickmers Insulaner is located in the first row to the sea. Right next to the famous lobster shacks at the picturesque inland port. Facing south to the sea, to the north in the countryside and yet the town center is only about 200 meters away.